From a modest background, Valentin Prévost has always drawn and been made aware of art through his mother who paints. Music, mythology as well as astrophysics, and philosophy are his main sources of inspiration. He followed a so-called “classic” school curriculum. Literary baccalaureate, License in Communication then a Master in Marketing. Alongside his studies, he was already working in the artistic field. He made album covers and directed and edited music videos.

His work revolves around the image of human emotions as organisms subject to the principle of thermodynamics (the path of energy from point A, birth, to point B, death.) . Forced to note that emotions are born, accumulate in humans, evolve, and give rise to various behaviors and interpretations, which have shaped our material world (by extension history and culture), this subject won over Val. To make this tangible, he started with the following comparison: emotion is a flame.

Which of the void lights up, oscillates unpredictably, and then goes out. In the principle of thermodynamics, entropy is a factor not to be neglected because energy degrades, like emotions, to give way or coexist with another. Which creates disorder and chaos. He stages the vision of the child he was, struck by the reality of the world as it is. It is a dichotomy between dreams and reality.

This artist's vision births extravagant works and anthropomorphic characters with almost palpable textures. An omnipresent Chaos, organized and articulated around a wide palette of colors that can only be found at Val. Although executed with meticulousness, his works are raw, transgressive, insolent, and extravagant. They are a perfect cocktail of benevolence and extreme violence.
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