Yannick Aaron

Yannick Aaron, born in the historic town of Fontainebleau on the outskirts of Paris in 1985, embarked on his artistic journey in 1997, fueled by the allure of graffiti in the Parisian urban sprawl's forsaken spaces. A self-taught visionary, Aaron has carved out a unique niche within the art world, marrying the rebellious spirit of street art with the precision of classicism and the vibrancy of pop art to forge what he dubs “Screen Art.”

This innovative style mirrors the digital era's influence, employing a palette of techniques—ranging from spray paint and acrylics to oil, glaze, and airbrush—to craft intricate compositions that blend colors, geometric forms, and pop culture references into a cohesive whole.

Aaron's oeuvre is a testament to his adeptness at intertwining various elements, including iconic video game motifs, into his art, imbuing his pieces with a dynamic that is both eclectic and unified.

His artworks, akin to visual puzzles, ingeniously manipulate light, texture, and transparency, achieving a harmonious synthesis between the traditional and the modern. Influenced profoundly by the interplay of contrasts and the richness of diverse cultures, Aaron has found a significant muse in the city of Poznan, Poland, where he spends considerable time.

This locale has not only enriched his palette with fresh perspectives but also continually challenges him to redefine the contours of his artistic domain through the lens of Screen Art.

Aaron's relentless pursuit of innovation within his chosen medium allows him to navigate and expand the frontiers of his creative expression, securing his place as a pivotal figure in contemporary art.

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