"Painting, for me, is my weapon, my weapon of choice."

Otist, a committed artist and stencil master from Isère, prefers to keep his identity concealed. Despite hiding his face and not revealing his real name, this family man from Isère has gained recognition for his stencil work.

Proof of his acclaim is the exhibition of his works, which usually adorn city walls, in a smaller format at the Maison des Associations in Pont-de-Claix until August 14th.

This exhibition serves as a prelude to the 9th Street Art Fest in Grenoble, starting on May 26th across ten partner cities in the metropolitan area.

"What matters is the message I want to convey."

Championing Social and Environmental Causes

Otist stands among those artists who leverage their art as a megaphone for their outrage. Tackling social injustices, environmental causes, and the profit pursuits of large corporations, Otist aims to "depict what's happening around us, awaken some consciousness, provoke thought, initiate discussions... and enjoy it!" he shares.

The artist crafts his stencils in his garage, using them as tools to challenge and communicate.

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