About Us

Signature Fine Art in Context Art Miami 2023

Signature Fine Art is a fast-growing modern art gallery connecting people with art and artists they love. It offers a beautiful selection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and collectibles created by artists in various price ranges with a strong focus on Contemporary Art, cubism, Pop Art, and Street Art.

We carry hard-to-find and exclusive fine art artworks and prints, and our system is transparent: We provide quality offerings at a fair price, always authentic, Clear, and straightforward. We aim to redefine the experience of buying and selling art by making it easy, convenient, and welcoming for collectors, art lovers, and artists alike.

We are based in Miami, internationally known for its rich art culture, prominent design, and expertise.

An essential dimension of Signature Fine Art’s activity is the organization of events, tailor-made exhibitions, and participation in international art fairs.

This in situ approach aims to present the artworks directly to amateurs, collectors, and companies and provide them with the educational, cohesive, and liberating virtues of contemporary artistic practices.

We represent emerging and recognized artists such as Onemizer, Mr. Brainwash, Akio Harada, Jisbar, Banksy, Mathieu Questel, Paco Pomet, Shepard Fairey, Jo Di Bona, Ian Bertolucci, Van Dam One, JonOne, Aket, and this alchemy creates the DNA of Signature Fine Art.

Co-Founded by Natacha GOUBIN
Natacha Goubin, Co-Founder


18117 Biscayne Blvd, Suite #2333
Miami, FL 33160, USA