Alexandre Monteiro (Hopare)

Born in 1989 in the heart of Paris, Alexandre Monteiro, more famously known as Hopare, stands as an ascending luminary in the world of street art.

At a tender age of 12, a serendipitous encounter with a graffiti-covered factory ignited his passion for street art, leading him to paint his first illicit strokes.

In 2005, while in junior high, fate intertwined him with his art instructor, the acclaimed French street artist, Shaka. The bond between mentor and protégé was so profound that Hopare often traded his recess hours to harness his skills under Shaka's guidance.

This dedication bore fruit just a year later when Hopare completed his first significant mural and soon joined the ranks of the TSF Crew. In these formative years, his style ebbed and flowed, with young Hopare ardently searching for his unique artistic voice.

During his senior year, Monteiro delved into the world of interior architecture, an experience that profoundly reshaped his artistic approach. He began to emphasize linear precision in his works, drawing inspiration from architectural sketches and designs.

Today, Hopare's masterpieces are symphonies of immaculate geometry and graphic abstraction. Central to his art are evocative faces framed with intricate patterns of lines that dance between parallel and intertwined formations.

This meticulous blend infuses a kinetic energy into his pieces, grounding them in both movement and emotion.

Although anchored by his Parisian roots, Hopare's inspirations stretch far beyond, drawn from his myriad travels. Faces in his murals tell stories of poignant encounters; floral and architectural elements pay homage to mesmerizing locales, all painted in a vibrant spectrum of colors and framed with his signature lines.

Each mural crafted by Hopare is not just a visual feast but an invitation.

He seeks not only to capture the gaze of onlookers but to forge a deep, emotional connection.

With every glance at a Hopare mural, viewers are irresistibly pulled into his universe, taking a momentary journey into his world of color, emotion, and story.

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