Pikachu the Yellow Mouse, 2023

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24" x 32" in (60 x 80 cm)

Type: Original Painting

Classification: Unique

Support: Framed canvas

Mediums: Acrylic

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Remco Schakelaar

About Remco Schakelaar

Remco “Tekenaar” Schakelaar: A Portrait of Passion and Precision

Born in Zwolle (NL) in 1988, Remco Schakelaar’s passion for art can be traced back to his earliest memories. From a young age, he felt a compelling urge to draw everything that captivated him. An inherent talent, Schakelaar is an autodidact, having sculpted his unique style without any formal training.

His works, often described by him as “messy, but precise,” display a stark contrast between chaotic splashes of color and meticulous linework. This contrast showcases his mastery of technique, blending seemingly opposing elements into harmonious compositions. This duality, a marriage of disorder and detail, serves as the backbone of his distinct artistic voice.

For Schakelaar, games are more than just pastime – they are an obsession, a theme deeply interwoven into the tapestry of his artworks. His acrylic pieces, each a tribute to the digital tales and characters that have resonated with him, beckon viewers into fantastical worlds and nostalgic memories. Preferring the rapid drying nature of acrylics, he layers his canvases with vigor, lending a depth and intensity to every piece.

His approach to art is spontaneous and intuitive. Without preliminary sketches, Schakelaar dives directly onto his canvas, guided solely by his envisioned color palette. Only once the atmosphere feels just right does he embark on the defining linework, rendering his imagined world in meticulous detail.

For many, Schakelaar’s paintings are a joyous celebration of their inner ‘nerd’. They offer an artistic embrace of beloved game characters and the memories they harbor. Through his work, he hopes viewers can experience the same delight he feels, bridging the realms of high art and cherished gaming lore.

Looking forward, Schakelaar’s ambition is simple yet profound: to continue doing what he loves. In the nexus of passion, precision, and play, he has carved out a niche that is uniquely his own.