Since his early childhood, Aket has been a self-taught artist. His first influences were comic books and graffiti. Today, its primary influence comes from cubism; even though he appreciates Combas or Basquiat’s artworks.

Since childhood, he has signed his art pieces by AKET from the time he has realized his first graffiti. This nickname comes from a personal physical characteristic which could be found in a punchline from a rap band. Like a homecoming, it is making perfect sense that he signs his first artworks with the name « AKET » ten years later.

His style has evolved over time. He creates deconstructed portraits by multiplying elements and shapes of the faces as well as accentuating the features and the lines. In fact, we can find in his artworks influences from cubist painters such as Picasso or Condo. AKET shapes faces in a ludic way. It could be abstract or figurative, but always cubic. He uses french jokes and battle of wits he draws from everyday life and mainly music in order to try to recreate this frozen world from the old days. From Bistro scenes to musicians, AKET likes to represent life and the many facets of a person.

The black lines highlight the different and complex shapes of a face. He devotes himself now to lifestyle, indoors or outdoors scenes. The final step of each of his artworks gives life to the representation of daily scenes and actions.


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