Puzzle Spray Paint, 2021

by SOS


2.5" x 6.0" in (7 x 16 cm)

Type: Sculpture

Classification: Unique

Support: Spray can

Mediums: Acrylic

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About SOS

SOS is an Italian artist born in Florence, and studied in Florence and Urbino. After graduation, the artist lived and worked in different cities: Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples.

Currently, SOS is based in Rome working in both studio and streets. The artist paints on walls, pastes up posters and stickers all around the world and loves to make sculptures from recycled materials such as wire and wood. In the studio, SOS is working on installations, looking often for new solutions, and trying to experiment new materials and colours as well.

Last year, SOS took part in different international collective projects in Naples, Bucharest, Rome, Porto, London, Berlin, Sassenage and St. Denis de l’Hôtel. SOS’s characters are highly stylized in order to convey emotions and feelings. The urban daisies, humanized flowers, are highly represented.

SOS chooses to represent one of its artworks' central themes: the protection of the fragile balance between men — humans — and nature.

SOS is often inspired by social issues. Its artworks express the protection of human rights and the environment. SOS carried out many artworks for the claim of equal opportunities. The subjects state the will of women to be recognized for their own worth such as men and the need to be protected by law against any censorship or limitation. There is also a strong commitment against all forms of violence against the LGBTQ+ community. Moreover in Italy, the fight for the approval of a law is still being discussed in parliament for the protection of every individual regardless of their gender orientation.

SOS is not just the tag of the artist but also a call out for inclusion, respect, and love