Animal Kingdom, 2023

Original Painting by Onemizer

• Dimensions (W x H):
48" x 48" in (120.0 x 120.0 cm)

• Framed: No

• Unique: Yes

• Certificate of authenticity: Included
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In Onemizer's "Animal Kingdom", we are drawn into a powerful narrative that seamlessly merges the natural world and urban existence. The French street artist brings to life a vivid parade of wildlife on a 120x120cm canvas, set against a calming backdrop of white and blue.

A red-eyed tree frog perched on a rhinoceros horn initiates the visual journey. This unexpected duo highlights the delicate balance of biodiversity and the often overlooked beauty of nature. As our eyes traverse this scene, we encounter a diverse array of animals, each depicted with Onemizer's signature blend of realism and graffiti-inspired style. An elephant, a leopard, a white horse, a zebra, and birds in flight are part of this compelling assemblage.

Adding a surprising urban touch, a pigeon carries a golden fish inside a plastic bag, and a rat raises a sign declaring, "Nature Lives Matter". These elements subtly convey the importance of coexistence and respect for all life forms. Leading the parade, a monkey brandishing a building road flare symbolizes guidance - a beacon towards a harmonious world where nature and urban life can coexist.

On the canvas's right edge, a graffiti-covered mailbox - an undeniably urban symbol - finalizes the painting. This mailbox reminds us of the meeting point between our daily urban lives and the natural world that surrounds and supports us.

"Animal Kingdom" isn't merely a painting; it's a visual narrative underscoring our shared responsibility towards our fellow creatures. Its bold symbolism and vibrant imagery make it an outstanding piece in any art collection. To bring this piece into your personal or professional space, please contact Signature Fine Art.


the talented French street and graffiti artist ONEMIZER (Cyril Valade). His striking painting from the "Underground" series has made the cover of the esteemed Urban Arts Magazine!

Onemizer was born in 1987 in the South of France. He spent part of his childhood in Africa where he made his first encounters with art and discovered watercolor.

Back in France as a teenager, he got to know Parisian graffiti during his walks around Paris with his parents.

The edges of the highways as well as the Parisian subways are real museums for him. This real love at first sight pushed him to survey vacant lots, as well as railways and abandoned warehouses, in order to paint on walls and improve his skills out of sight.After high school, he decides to undertake art studies by integrating a design school, but prefers to continue his journey on his own.

Little by little, he goes from the wall to the canvas, and it is pushed by his entourage, that he begins to show his work and exhibit his paintings according to his meetings in luxury hotels, restaurants, bars ...

He then organized his first exhibitions in the surroundings of Bordeaux as well as in the Paris region.

Much has been done since his beginnings in the streets, and he now exhibits in many international art galleries (Paris, Courchevel, Megève, Cannes, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Miami, Tokyo…).

Onemizer took part with a hundred other international artists in the world record for the largest graffiti on canvas which took place in Dubai in November 2014 and which was validated to appear in the Guinness book.