Neon by Befa, 2021

Original Painting by Befa

$1,200 $800

• Dimensions (W x H):
12.0" x 8.0" in (31 x 21 cm)

• Framed: Yes

• Size with Frame (W x H):
15.0" x 12.0" in (39 x 31 cm)

• Unique: Yes

• Certificate of authenticity: Included
✅ Money-Back Guarantee

Artwork sold in perfect condition.

Origin: Artist Studio


BEFA was born in Soissons (France) in 1980. He is an autodidact who is passionate by alternative and popular culture. He lives between Paris and Porto (in Portugal). He began his art in urban art with a graphic avatar which he declined in several forms: graffiti, stencils, airbrush... The artist hides behind this falsely naive alter-ego who quietly observes the world with his big, empty and opaque eyes. It is BEFA’s gaze: benevolent yet never credulous and contemplative without complacency. Inspired by traditional Portuguese art, its style is characterized by its simple shapes, bright colors and geometric patterns. Based on its avatar, BEFA dares new forms, new techniques (spray cans, acrylic paintbrushes, etc.) and brings together styles, between naivety and realism, imagination and critical thinking.