Mario Bob-omb, 2023


16" x 20" in (40 x 50 cm)
18" x 22" in (45 x 55 cm) including frame.

Type: Original Painting

Classification: Unique

Support: Giclée on fine art paper

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Sabrina Beretta

About Sabrina Beretta

French painter and illustrator, Sabrina Beretta began her artistic career with drawing and illustration under the pseudonym “Art et Be", the anagram of her family name. Little by little, his desires grow, his inspirations become clearer and his style becomes clearer.

Through her works, Sabrina Beretta exposes her vision of (de) construction, paradox, duality, transformation, by presenting two states. These two perceptions, associated or opposed, suggest a symmetry that ultimately does not exist. A graphic approach refocused on the phenomenon of healing, which reveals both a facade and multiple facets.

The representation of the butterfly is recurrent in Sabrina Beretta, it more particularly evokes transformation and rebirth. Fascinated by the idea "that a small incident can have a big impact", and that "with a single flap of wings, anything can be shattered", the concept of "the butterfly effect" gives it wings and inspiration for many works.

Sabrina Beretta expresses herself on different media and offers works of all sizes. She produces small formats on paper, in acrylic ink, referring to her first drawings. She also paints in larger formats, especially on canvas and wood, which gives rise to imposing and meaningful works. Many artistic collaborations have also emerged, with talented and renowned artists and street-artists, others are underway. And finally, Sabrina Beretta tackles urban art. It covers walls several meters long to add a touch of style and sparkle.