Maniac's Struggle 4, 2023


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11.5" x 8.0" in (30 x 21 cm)
14.0" x 11.0" in (36 x 28 cm) including frame

Type: Work on paper

Classification: Unique

Support: Stock certificate

Mediums: Acrylic

This artworks is an original and unique painting executed on a genuine vintage American stock certificate, nicely framed in 11"x14" in. floating Frame with Polished Glass and Hanging Hardware.

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SKWAK, a French artist and illustrator based in Croix, has been broadcasting his creative universe for over 20 years.

His creative world is inhabited by his characters, known as "Maniacs".

It's a universe rich in colors and sometimes a bit crazy.

He draws spontaneously, allowing his mind to wander unencumbered through his boundless imagination.

SKWAK's illustrations are an invitation to an immense playground, offering an immersive experience where viewers are invited to explore and discover new details every day.

The most important element for him is to tell stories, whether they are magical, absurd, or strange, in order to transport the art lover into his own universe and to give free rein to their imagination.

SKWAK's illustrations can be both dense and playful, offering a constantly evolving visual experience to captivate the observer.

The drawings, characters, and stories find their inspiration in the observation of everyday life, but also in tales, myths, video games, history, cartoons, and everything that surrounds him, thus nourishing his artistic world.

His work has been influenced by artists such as H. Di Rosa, Keith Haring, S. Miyamoto, J. Bosch, as well as by classical painters as much as by video games. After more than 2 decades of varied artistic expression, his artistic world continues to evolve and surprise.

Each day brings a new page to his creative story, a blank canvas to fill with colors and imagination.

Do not hesitate to dive into his unique universe, to explore the corners of his imagination, and to let your dreams soar through his illustrations.

The "World of Maniacs" is a place where creativity knows no limits, and SKWAK is ready to take you on this endless artistic journey.