Red Heart, 2023

Original Painting by Ian Bertolucci


• Dimensions (W x H):
16" x 16" in (40.0 x 40.0 cm)

• Unique: Yes

• Certificate of authenticity: Included
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Original handmade painting oil on canvas.


Ian Bertolucci

Ian Bertolucci: Photorealistic Brilliance from Italy

Hailing from Italy, Ian Bertolucci mastered his craft at the esteemed Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, graduating in 2019 with a major in painting and visual arts. Bertolucci is garnering significant attention for his ultra-realistic oil paintings, a trademark style that showcases everyday objects like gummy bears and balloons shaped into stars, dinosaurs, hearts, and more, in astonishing detail.

The vivacity of his artistry is evident in the rich, luminous colors he employs, the dramatic interplay of light and shadow, and the pronounced contrasts. These elements not only breathe life into the subjects but sculpt them on the canvas, achieving a three-dimensionality that often leaves viewers questioning reality.

Rhythm and repetition emerge as prevailing themes in his work, reflecting deep-seated personal resonances. Presently, Bertolucci's fascination leans towards the study of fluid, reflective, and translucent materials, an interest evident in the way he captures the gleam and texture of gummy bears or the sheen of balloons.

His diverse color palette, strategic in its design, seeks to stun viewers initially, drawing them in to then discover the intricate details of his compositions. He often revisits certain subjects, presenting them under various lights and perspectives, bordering on obsession. He explains, "My inclination for repetition is rooted in my neurodiversity. Such rituals fulfill a deep-seated need within me. I've discovered that art can be a therapeutic channel for those with atypical neural frameworks. Through revisiting the same subjects, I am granted a structured canvas to explore space, light, and colors, achieving depth without losing focus on the essence."