HODL, 2021

Original Painting by Daru

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Size with Frame (W x H):
32" x 0" in (81.0 x 0 cm)

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The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

HODL is a term that has become a real phenomenon on the Web, and comes from a typo made by a bitcoin holder in a message posted on a specialized forum. Clearly, today, the term "hodl" symbolizes a long-term investment, the confidence of bitcoin holders in this cryptocurrency and, above all, the hope that they caress that its price will always end up... going up.

The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Daru is a French painter and street artist.

He creates artworks on different types of medium such as wooden slats or mail boxes for instance. At first, he was a cartoonist, but later on, he became interested in urban art. The artist paints freely and according to his mood and desire. He draws iconic characters from various famous cartoons, games and mangas.

Daru is inspired by life and luxurious brands. The opulence in his artworks is sometimes comic and critical because he combines a popular character with an extravagant background.

The simplicity of his supports contrast with the art he creates. With his personal background, he combines cartoons and urban art by using different types of bombs and markers which creates these colorful and bright pieces of art.