Bart Simpson, 2021

by Flog


20" x 28" in (50 x 70 cm)
22" x 30" in (55 x 75 cm) including frame.

Type: Print


Support: Digigraphie on fine art paper


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About Flog

Florian Gaborit aka Flog is a French artist, known for creating the series "Human of Glass."

Born in 1984, during the Pop era, Flog has been drawing since his childhood and later went on to study graphic design at the Pivaut School in Nantes.

In 2020, Flog started their "Human of Glass" series and established their graphic signature and universe through transparent characters filled with colors.

The glass represents the human body as an empty and fragile shell, while the colors symbolize emotions, feelings, knowledge, experiences, and values that make each person unique.

The characters are set against a background of shades of gray, reflecting the increasingly harsh world, and they interact with each other and the background to share their colors and emotions.

Flog includes metaphors, melancholy, and messages of hope in their work, while leaving room for interpretation by the viewer.

Flog also re-appropriates icons of pop culture that shaped their childhood as a tribute to the characters that accompany us from childhood to adulthood. They are constantly seeking new inspiration to expand their artistic universe, often drawing half-empty or half-full glasses for their paintings or frescos. The aim is to share their work and invite others to explore the symbolism within their universe.