Money over money by Brunograffer (Official Limited Edition Print), 2021

Print / Edition by Brunograffer


• Dimensions (W x H):
19.0" x 13.0" in (49 x 34 cm)

• Framed: No

• Limited edition of 100

• Certificate of authenticity: Included
✅ Money-Back Guarantee

Limited edition.

Print on Fine Art Paper.

8.5" x 11" inch.



I’m Bruno, aka Brunograffer, an illustrator and painter. I come from Haute-Savoie, in France, and I currently live in Strasbourg after obtaining my Master degree in Graphic Design in 2018. Since 2016, I have been artistically active on social medias sharing my various creations and artistics experiences on YouTube and Instagram. My career was largely propelled with my beginning on TikTok in June 2019.

Today I have the chance to realize my dreams through my work: live from my art and work with others content creators who I am fascinate by since my childhood. For example, I was able to collaborate with French Youtubers like Squeezie, Jojol, ePenser and IbraTV.

My artistic style is very colorful, explosive and happy. I like to represent who I am: a guy with an everyday smile on his face and a very social person. I also take a lot of inspiration from pop culture and urban arts references like Kaws, Buff Monster, Nychos and Obey to only name a few. But I very often scroll randomly on social media, so I couldn’t count my hundred of differents inspirations. I really enjoy joining the world of cartoons, comics and pop art like artists James Lewis, Greg Guillemin and Gondekdraws.

I also think I still have a lot to learn and discover because I'm only 26 years old and, in my opinion, this thirst for something new that drives our imaginations like I often say: talent does not exist, it is only accumulation of experiences resulting from a passionated practice.

"Ridicule does not kill. Anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Be ridiculous make you stronger " Bruno 2019