Off Topic, 2023


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Original Painting
Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas
Original and unique artwork
16" x 16" in (40 x 40 cm)


"OFF TOPIC" by BBQUEEN is a visually compelling 16x16" inches piece that playfully defies convention. Central to this vibrant tableau is the 'Confused Cat,' BBQUEEN's iconic character, which appears engulfed in a lively discourse of surrounding doodles. This artwork, rendered in acrylic and marker, pulsates with the energy of spontaneous creativity, challenging the viewer to find coherence in the delightful chaos. Each doodle seems to tell its own story, yet the 'Confused Cat' remains the unifying thread, embodying the artist's signature commentary on the serendipitous nature of life's distractions.


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BBQUEEN is a Rome-born artist, born on September 25th, 1975, who has gained recognition for her creative character, the Confused Cat. The character, which came to life in 2017, has taken BBQUEEN on an exhilarating journey around the world. She has shared her creation with others by bringing the cat to Rome's walls through hand-drawn posters and stickers.

Although BBQUEEN finds the street to be the most natural and expressive form of artistic expression, she also paints the world of the Confused Cat on canvas. The character's universe is a chaotic yet emotionally charged one that resonates with audiences from all walks of life.

The Confused Cat serves as a symbol of human vulnerability, while also representing the desire to persevere and believe in oneself. BBQUEEN's work reminds us that confusion can often lead to newfound clarity and a greater understanding of life's complexities.

Through her artwork, BBQUEEN showcases her remarkable ability to capture a wide range of emotions, demonstrating her profound understanding of the human condition. Her unique and captivating style has gained her a dedicated following around the world, making her one of the most exciting emerging artists in the contemporary art scene.