I love my city, 2022

Original Painting by Aket

• Dimensions (W x H):
56" x 75" in (140.0 x 190.0 cm)

• Unique: Yes

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I love my city ("J’aime ma ville") by Aket.

Aket's vibrant and captivating canvas, "J'aime ma ville" (I love my city), invites viewers into a visually striking celebration of the city of Marcq-en-Barœul, France.

Measuring 190x140cm, this dynamic piece was masterfully created during a live performance at the event "Les trottoirs de l'art" (the sidewalks of art), using three spray cans and acrylic paint.

Showcasing Aket's unique neocubist style, the painting features geometric figures of people in vivid shades of green, orange, and yellow set against a neutral grey background. A central element of the piece is a finger holding a ring, symbolizing the artist's love and devotion to the city.

Words and phrases, originating from the surrounding environment, people, stores, and landscape during the live performance, are scattered throughout the artwork.

These text elements add depth and context to the piece, telling a visual story of the city's spirit. At the bottom of the painting, the river Marque serves as a reminder of the city's natural beauty and geographic importance.

In Aket's own words, "I wanted to draw a kind of map of the city Marcq-en-Barœul, where I live and love so much." This striking painting offers a unique insight into the artist's connection with his city, making it a truly exceptional addition to any art collection.

Aket Index Rating: https://www.i-cac.fr/artiste/aket/cotation.html


Aket (also known as Aket Kubic) is a French painter who has been a self-taught artist since his early childhood. He was initially influenced by comic books and graffiti, but today his primary inspiration comes from cubism, although he also appreciates the works of artists such as Combas and Basquiat.

From the time he first started creating graffiti, Aket has always signed his art pieces with the name "AKET." It was only ten years later that he began to sign his artwork with this name, which has now become his signature.

Over time, Aket's style has evolved to include deconstructed portraits in which he multiplies elements and shapes of the faces, accentuating the features and lines. His artwork is heavily influenced by cubist painters such as Picasso and Condo, and he shapes faces in a playful, ludic way that can be both abstract and figurative, but always cubic.

In his artwork, Aket likes to draw from everyday life and music, using French jokes and battles of wit to recreate a frozen world from the old days. He enjoys representing life and the many facets of a person, from bistro scenes to musicians. The black lines in his paintings highlight the different and complex shapes of a face.

Today, Aket devotes himself to creating lifestyle scenes both indoors and outdoors. His final step is to give life to the representation of daily scenes and actions, bringing a sense of movement and energy to his artwork.

French Artist Aket was featured in the 2023 Coca-Cola commercial ad "Masterpiece".


Interview of Aket

Coca-Cola commercial "Masterpiece" with Aket's painting "Divine Idyll"