Born to a family of artists, the lively and expressive paintings of Julie Rovira known as Pitu capture the creative outlook she has harbored since her childhood. Born in Martigues, Pitu began painting at a young age, drawn to the freedom she found in artistic expression. Her self-taught style draws inspiration from abstract art to neo-expressionism to create a unique approach, placing her work as a notable part of the art brutmovement. Working with vivid colors, dynamic patterns, and expressive characters, Pitu creates a universe where her bold and inquisitive personality is free to explore.

Often posing questions to herself when beginning a new work about the nature of life and our world, Pitu uses the visual medium of painting as both a psychological and intellectual exercise. A prolific painter with a sizable body of work, Pitu’s blend of raw painting with philosophical inspiration has gained her a quickly growing following.

Taking an experimental approach to her artistic process, Pitu isn’t beholden to any single medium, instead mixing a variety of mediums, like acrylic, oil pastel, spray paint, and Indian ink. Her exploratory approach uses an intuitive, spontaneous method.

Pitu often lets the first few splashes of color and hints of pattern guide where she takes a work, always prioritizing free and natural expression. Pitu lives and works from her home in Collioure in the Pyrénées Orientales of France.

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