Botero Pop

Botero Pop's silhouette is unique, and it makes him instantly recognizable: a very high hat that hides his face, an oval body, perhaps inspired by the generosity of Fernando Botero's forms and the ultimate cleansing of the Linea by Osvaldo Cavandoli.

This short guy has clear, simple lines, no unnecessary shadow drop, no frivolous details. Looking at his adventures, we find out that he is a fan of Keith Haring, the little prince of Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Michael Jordan, Dupont & Dupond, Pickachu, Bowie, Spiderman and all the super heroes…

And he also talks about current events by having a committed approach at today's world. Botero Pop reminds us — if it were necessary — the strength of pop culture in the collective unconsciousness...

We all have memories of comics, films, concerts, cartoons but also politics, series, athletes which we adored, fashionable outfits that we could wear, iconic artists... we recall with pleasure and tenderness the regard in the world that we had as a child or as a teenager.

This memory is brought back by almost nothing because it is the accessory that gives all the dimension to every Botero Pop. He becomes an iconic character or expresses a concept with only one detail: a necklace, a balloon, multicolored stripes, an umbrella, hearts, a flag, a wig or a belt... the accessory then becomes a necessity!

The simplicity further accentuates the emotional impact of the message. Botero Pop searches for the icons and codes of our time to share with us his deep and candid outlook on the world around us and our society.

He is a facetious and polymorphic being and likes Pop Culture.

He is constantly evolving.


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