Julien Leclercq, alias Glauc', is a drawer-illustrator from the north of France. Self-taught, he began to express himself artistically by practicing photography (under the pseudonym of Glauc'Home) before returning to his first love: drawing.

He creates and realizes his works on various supports, by associating his materials of predilection which are the graphite, the acrylic paint and the Indian ink. It is not uncommon to see him venture into collage and the customization of antiques to give relief to his subject.

Passionate about pop-culture, to which he regularly pays homage, he draws his inspiration from the nostalgia of his childhood memories, and from his experience of current events.

Blind and sealed to the pessimism of the world around them, the characters of Glauc' invite the public to remain positive, and to see "what is" behind "what is not anymore", the color behind the gloom.


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