An artist surrounded by mystery

Few people know him, the anonymity fully assumed by the artist who prefers to fade out and let his works speak for him. Ciscø is the name of the artist after the banknotes drawings.

From the Hauts de France, this young man has been attracted to art since childhood. At one moment in his life, he had this turning point where he would be happy to tell you, he started his journey as an artist by creating his company "Art2cisco".

His nostalgia for the Francs (Monetary union in France before the year 2002) guides him and his art towards this magnificent artistic theme. In addition to the banknotes that he customises, he finds sublime statues revisited. He also rarely paints on canvas. Ciscø is inspired by Street Art and Pop Art.« It is essential for me to draw on authentic banknotes that have gone through many stories.

I customise series of tickets that have a history. I chose it carefully with apparent degradation to show that they have been circulating for many years. Maybe they travelled around the world!

My banknotes will always remain in collective memories. It is an eternal memory to collect at home …"

The Ciscø’s artworks

His works travel around French regions, Europe and even crosses the international borders.

According to him, art must not only be beautiful for the eyes, but it must evoke a history and an emotion. This is why he highlights works that affect him. His artworks are exhibited progressively in art galleries.

Holder of a quotation certificate made by an expert approved by Akoun, world leader in the art market, Cisco is part of a long list of artists listed from all countries and centuries.

"A big thank you! My works leave nobody indifferent, it is a huge compliment for me! All thanks to you"

The duos with Ciscø

A first duo with artist Ninu motivates Cisco to meet other artists.

"Art is not personal!" He collaborates with XTC, DiabolikG, MEC, Frany-la-Chipie, Aket-Kubic and recently with the Italian artist Alessandro Piano.


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