Born in Nice in 1994, Pierre-Emmanuel Rome, is the rising star of Pop and Urban art. He started his artistic journey at a very young age. As a child, he participated in many artistic workshops with great interest, and museum visits and art exhibitions filled his childhood and adolescence.
With a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts, Pierre-Emanuel is now known professionally under the name of BARNABE. Inspired by popular culture and various references acquired throughout his childhood, he gave life to his professional journey in 2013 with the goal to create a visual identity through a character who imposes his energy, his life enthusiasm and his spontaneity.
Often placed at the frontiers of abstraction but freely inspired by our times, his works are a reflection of society. BARNABE, elaborates an infinitely complex narrative and leaves the viewer a freedom of interpretation in each of his paintings. Pierre-Emmanuel Rome has inspired many with his numerous exhibitions in some of the most artistic and trendy cities around the world such as Monaco, Singapore, Los Angeles, Nice, Paris, Saint Tropez and more
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