Shoreditch II, 2021

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Mixed Media, Collage & acrylic on canvas stretched and mounted
Original and unique artwork signed by the artist
32" x 40" in (81 x 100 cm)


"Shoreditch II" by YBA, 81x100cm, is a mixed media and acrylic canvas, melding collage elements with vibrant strokes to depict a face amidst urban artistry, symbolizing the pulse of street life.


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Yoann Bonneville

About Yoann Bonneville

Yoann Bonneville, known by his artist's name YBA, established himself as a prominent French painter at just 20 years old.

YBA's distinctive style draws inspiration from urban and pop art, blending techniques such as acrylics, aerosol, collage, and even digital creations. His artwork often features faces, reflecting the world he observes in the streets and contemporary society.

YBA's approach is characterized by experimentation and a mix of various techniques, resulting in a contemporary art style that defies easy categorization. With no formal artistic training, he values his autodidactic journey, continually seeking to create a unique artistic identity.

YBA's dedication to his craft and prolific creativity have rapidly propelled him into the professional art world, where he continues to evolve and make a significant impact.