Delia, 2022

Original Painting by Istraille


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Size of the artwork (W x H):
35.4" x 47.2" in (90 x 120 cm)

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The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Delia (2022)

One of a kind painting on canvas (framed).

120 x 90 cm (127 x 97 cm with frame)

47" x 35" inch (50" x 38" inch. with frame)


Istraille got into art at a very young age, it was at the age of 17 that he began his apprenticeship.

Graffiti arrives very early in its practice that it diffuses on the walls. It was natural that he entered the private higher school of applied arts in Nantes.

His talent unfolds over time and so does his technique, using different techniques and supports. The first pencil sketch is the basis of the paintings of the artists Istraille.

These pencil lines will then take shape with touches of acrylic.

The artist plays on the dynamics of the body, the effort and the style are transmitted on his paintings. Istraille seeks to become one with her dancers, transmitting to them a history and a style of dance.