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16" x 16" in (40 x 40 cm)

Type: Original Painting

Classification: Unique

Support: Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas

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Akio Harada

About Akio Harada

Akio Harada was born in 1974 in Japan. From his childhood, he was captivated by the magic of painting. To pursue this passion, he studied oil painting at a Fine Arts university.

At the beginning of his career, he focused on using oil paint, but he found this technique too slow due to the drying time required. This led him to explore other means of expression, and he began a period of searching for his style.
He eventually turned to using acrylic paint, which allowed him to express his ideas more quickly with the help of a hand dryer.

Initially, he tended to create large-format works that did not easily lend themselves to the everyday environment, paintings that could be perceived as violent and selfish, such as “Dog Without a Face”.

However, the birth of his child was a turning point in his career. He began painting by observing his child's reactions, which led him to adopt a style that was more outward-facing.

His works are characterized by sharp silhouettes, almost as if cut with scissors, achieved through the use of masking tape. This technique captures a powerful energy in his brushstrokes. Thanks to the layering of multiple layers, his paintings exude a mysterious atmosphere, creating a space that seems both flat and deep.
He uses a varied color palette but with restrained tones, which makes his works harmonize seamlessly within living spaces, as if they were an integral part of them. By employing animal shapes, he is able to depict human emotions while navigating between reality and imagination.

This gives his works a poetic character, rich in original ideas that evoke smiles and bring serenity to those who behold them.

Currently, he focuses primarily on the publication of his artworks, while creating various adaptations such as murals, animations, picture books, and packaging, which are often sought after by administrations, companies, and stores.