Courtesan wearing uchikake with dragon design, 2023

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19.0" x 13.0" in (49 x 34 cm)

Type: Print

Classification: Limited edition of 100 numbered copies

Support: Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag 310 g/m²

Mediums: Giclée printing

Eva Goubin's "Courtesan Wearing Uchikake with Dragon Design" is a captivating fusion of classical Japanese art and her signature playful penguin motif.

The print features a penguin humorously posed as a courtesan, draped in a beautifully detailed uchikake kimono adorned with dragons—a symbol of strength and power in Japanese culture.

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About Penguino

Penguino is not just an artist's pseudonym; it is a persona that embodies the whimsical and adventurous spirit of the penguin character central to her artwork. This signature character, known for its appearances in various guises and settings, has charmed its way into the hearts of an international audience.

The artist Penguino masterfully crafts scenes where her avian muse encounters the vastness of human emotion and history. Whether it's reimagining classic artworks or staging new, tender, or comical vignettes, Penguino’s creations invite viewers into a world where the playful penguin is the protagonist in every piece.

Her work is celebrated in galleries both domestically and abroad, where the unique presence of Penguino—the character—speaks a universal language of joy and curiosity. Each painting is a window into the artist’s rich inner world, where the penguin's journey is a mirror for our own, reflecting themes of adventure, culture, and the arts.

Penguino continues to capture the imaginations of art enthusiasts and collectors alike, promising a future where her eponymous character will keep waddling into uncharted territories of the art landscape.