Fine Art Print by Paco Pomet


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Size of the artwork (W x H):
15" x 11" in (39 x 28 cm)

Size with Frame (W x H):
20" x 17" in (51 x 42 cm)

The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Internacional describes very dramatically and humorously the absurdity of our presence (as a rare species we are) in this world. That artwork is, by far, the most propagated of mine in the internet.
image. Humans have a long history of creating their own problems and then dealing poorly with them, despite the fact that most people are basically looking for the same thing. The industrial age, with the advent of the assembly line and migration toward cities, which have only accelerated and gained momentum since then, alienates most of us from nature. The author thinks this ties in with the ego, which also seem to be a recurring theme in your work, man’s “need” to excert dominance over his environment. The paradox here being that when you go into nature, a sense of calm comes over you. When you watch the waves of the ocean, you realize your insignificance, a small ego-death, and it feels great. All of a sudden you don’t think of yourself as the center of the univers, but just a tiny part of it. It’s liberating.

Giclee print on 350gsm Hahnmuhle museum etching paper with hand torn edges
15 1/5 × 11 4/5 in (20 x 16½" inch. with frame)
38.5 × 30 cm
Edition of 100

Nicely framed.