Kiko Boat by Arcanis, 2021

Sculpture by Arcanis


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Size of the artwork (W x H):
27" x 23" in (69 x 59 cm)

The artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Title: Le Bateau Le voyageur au béret collab KIKO

Special Edition featuring French artist Kiko.

This is the Artist Proof #4/4.

Artwork sold in perfect condition.

Description :

Work of art on a wall or on a base, signed and numbered by the artist
Edition limited to 8 copies + 4 Artist Proof
Sold with its framed certificate of authenticity.
100% French design and manufacture
70 x 55 x 10 cm.

Contains :

1x Carving
1x Base
1x Framed Certificate of Authenticity
1x Storage box
1x Pair of jeweler's gloves
1x Sticker envelope
1x Microfiber cloth

⚡️⛵️New collaboration Arcanis and KiKO: two artists who share the love of the sea and boats, the fascination of travel and the imagination of childhood.

In this duo, the KiKo kids take to the open sea and set sail on “Le Bateau” by Arcanis! Arcanis is the architect of the boat and KiKo the one who lifts the Indian ink on the sail. Both are the “art-makers” of the collaboration.

Limited edition of 12 original numbered works: 
12 “Boat The traveler in a beret” (blue background)