Street art has a long and varied history, dating back to ancient civilizations where it was used to communicate important messages and document events. In more recent times, street art has come to be associated with urban culture and the counterculture movement, with graffiti serving as a form of rebellion against the mainstream art world.

However, street art is much more than just graffiti. It encompasses a wide range of styles and mediums, including murals, stickers, wheatpaste posters, and more. Street art can be found on the streets and buildings of cities around the world, and often reflects the social and political issues of the time.

One of the most iconic and influential street artists of all time is Banksy, whose anonymous identity and thought-provoking artworks have made him a household name. Other notable street artists include Shepard Fairey, known for his "Hope" campaign for Barack Obama's presidential campaign, and Invader, who has installed mosaic tile artworks in cities across the globe.

Street art is not only a form of artistic expression, but also a way to bring attention to important issues and beautify the urban landscape. It has gained increasing recognition and acceptance in the mainstream art world, with galleries and museums around the world showcasing street art exhibitions.

If you're a fan of art and urban culture, exploring the vibrant world of street art is a must. Keep an eye out for street art on your travels, or seek out a street art tour in your city to learn more about this dynamic art form.