Dave Baranes

Dave Baranes grew up in the suburbs of a big city, immersed in Hip-Hop and Street Art culture. As a child, he was already passionate about drawing and it was almost natural for him to turn to Graffiti and decorative painting on urban walls.

The realistic animals of Dave Baranes seem to emerge from highly urbanized, yet colorful and concrete backgrounds.

Their soft curves against sharp angles add extra depth to the picture, creating a double optical illusion that contrasts life with the inert.

Undoubtedly, bringing nature into the city in such a masterful way is less of a paradox and more of a way to highlight the excesses of our world.

Baranes' painting seems to want to remind us through his wild animals that we, human beings, drunk on our technological successes, have forgotten our rightful place and our connection to the living world.

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