Piaf PopArt (Large), 2021


6.5" x 13.0" in (17 x 34 cm)

Type: Sculpture



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Valérie Marty

About Valérie Marty

The banks of the Garonne, the pink city, a neighbourhood on the canal sides… Pastoral landscape of our region, in which grew up in the seventies, Valérie Marty, mischievious child with bunches like Pippi Longstocking. It’s in this setting that will developp this lively and creative spirit, showing off a pronounced liking for the beauty of shapes, the drawing, the space…

Still undecided about the path forward to realize her dreams, she integrated, at the adolescence, a school of architecture. Her career took shape in the nearby Tarn-et-Garonne, where she began in the building trades : drawing, construction design, to end up woman entrepreneur in Montauban, at the head of a copy shop where she took pleasure to develop new technologies regarding digital edition.

1999 is the year of the fracture… Pulled down by an insidious disease, she took five years to bounce back, at the end of indescribable efforts but with unwavering mental. During these suffering years, she found the way which led her to the fullness. Passion of arts, of creativity, the artistic expression allows her to accept her and express the undergone, the feeling… She integrated, in 2000, the workshops of Christian André-Acquier, where she acquired the self-confidence and the experience necessary to the personal development.

Her technique refine, the work is more precise, the tools transform the matter… Her sculptures or her drawings are the reflection, the stigmata, of irreversible reaches : Women with overly heavy feet which support a frail body ; slender shaped surrounded with two winding bunches, express playfulness, that only the trials of life left on their passage. Valérie MARTY, eclectic artist, can find her way, that which lead to the fullness and for nothing in the world she would come back.