Native American Chiefferson, 2021

📈 Emerging


6.6" x 2.6" in (17 x 7 cm)

Type: Work on paper

Classification: Unique

Support: Bank note

Mediums: Acrylic

¥3,679.95 ¥2,943.96

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Freaks the Fab

About Freaks the Fab

FreakS the FaB is a self-taught street artist from Lille agglomeration (a city in France), generous in life as in his work.

His real name is Fabrice Pluvinage. He was born in Cambrai at the beginning of the 70s. He draws since he was a little boy, but his artistic path is atypical.

« I have been scribbling since my childhood, inspired by my grandfather, an upholsterer painter, who certainly transmitted to me the love for colours and his good mood that today occupy my creations and are recognizable by the famous excessive smile and an eye wide open on the world! »

At the end of the 80’s, he discovered tags and graffitis but was clearly not good at lettering.

« I preferred to draw, and I started to stencil very quickly. »

Today, I defend my native style. Life leads him to move away from the street, from the stencils but he does not let go of pencils or brushes for his spare time.

Back on the street since 2014, Freaks is a painter of a real quirky, naive, portraitist, and surrealist. His recognisable style with his characters systematically carrying a broad smile, gradually invades the streets of Lille, Paris and elsewhere but also for gallery exhibitions or charity sales.

He revisits with humour and poetry Pop Culture, the history of art and current events through in situ creations (collages, frescoes, etc.) or on objects and collection media (pallets, spray paint, tickets, etc.).

Driven by the joy of living and the values that go with it, his message is simple:

« We need lightness, colors and I enjoy to pass some messages through my creations but always with a smile. So above all, KeeP the Smile! Gardez le sourire! »