Inspector Gadget, 2021

by Dark

📈 Emerging


19.0" x 25.0" in (49 x 64 cm)

Type: Sculpture



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About Dark

Artist & Abstract Calligrapher born in 1996 in Paris, working on walls since 2012 and with a pen since 2016.

Among his fondest childhood memories, Dark carries typography: infinite source of inspiration and fascination. Writing being a primordial pillar in the architecture of collective living, in communication, which serves as a medium for diversity.

A relentless dreamer, the artist unconsciously interprets the myth of Babel, attempting a true recreation of the Adamic language through his work.

After having finely studied the visual typographical particularities of dozens of alphabets from all over the world, Dark has fun handling them, working them in his own way, until he has totally tamed them.

His work then becomes the carrier of a universal message, just as flexible in its form, it expresses unity in disparity, cohesion in plurality and harmony in diversity.

The mural dimension therefore takes on its full meaning and becomes the ideal support for the communication of this omen: heterogeneity in difference. Whether his work pleases or displeases, the artist seeks above all to arouse emotion and invites his impromptu viewer to reflect.

With love, from Dark.