DJ Khaled, 2021

by cObo


30.0" x 40.0" in (77 x 102 cm)

Type: Original Painting


Support: Canvas


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About cObo

Born in 1981, cObo is a free-spirited artist of Street and Pop Art.

This self-taught artist juggles with: drawing, stencils, collages, sculptures, photographs and “customizations.”

Inspired by the universe of superheroes and cartoons which played a major role in his youth, he produces it with derision, such as some historical monuments, athletes, actors, musical artists… His works combine culture and derision on canvases where all other heterogeneous supports help his art where his inspirations lie.

His masters, Bandi, C215, Nilko, Easy, Dali, Toulouse Lautrec… brought up his emotions which give him the liberty in his art from any contingent of the classical rules of painting.

His approach to various facial techniques has developed over the years and cObo does not expect to confine himself to what he masters.

In 2014, cObo left Tarn for Haute Savoie where the climate and the physical break with his friendly circle, carried him into art and propelled him into a recognized artistic spiral which until then was discret. Then, a lot of exhibitions followed, including for example: Starling Hotel, Next Door, in Geneva.

Very close to his hometown: Albi, cObo has offered exhibitions and workshops for children to convey his passion and his writing of art.

It offers him exceptional moments of sharing when he suggested his techniques while exhibiting his works. Partnerships are planned without going beyond regional and international commitments.