Matthew Sadergaski

Matthew Sadergaski was born in San Bernardino, California in 1994. In his childhood, he would draw cartoon and comic book characters. He soon realizes he can mimic what he saw. Matt’s appetite for art grew stronger when he started high school. That’s when he learned many different art styles ranging from portraits to abstract expressionism. He found enjoyment from drawing faces. He believed that there is raw emotion that gets captured by portraiture. These portrait drawings caused him to win awards and scholarships for his art. He decided to go to college to improve his art style. He started to get influenced by iconic artists such as Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairley, and James Rosenquist. By studying them, he started to grow his style from his influencers. He started experimenting with bright colors and pop culture figures, creating abstract colors with childhood characters or musicians. He started to evolve more into art. As years went by in college, He won best art in the drawing category multiple times. He also got published in the Poetry and Art magazine on campus. His work has also been showcased in San Bernardino and Lake Arrowhead. Matt’s artwork persistently evolves around portraiture, pop culture, and social commentary. He can create artworks by using different types of mediums such as pastels, graphite, ballpoint pens, acrylics, and markers. Matt’s philosophy about art can be summarized by a quotation by Edgar Degas. “Art is not what you see, it’s what you make others see.”


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