Tristan Barbier aka «minastrie» shares his personal and professional time in Paris where he works as artistic director, illustrator and father of a child he would like to put in boarding school to have more free time for him. But... Apparently… It cannot happened… a 4 year old child .. bla bla bla….

From a very young age, he was mistreated by his father who forced him to visit museums all over the world. Also, he was forced to watch black and white Czechoslovak movies. He was forced bound hand and foot to read masterpieces of uninteresting literature... Therefore, it was through sadomasochism which he decided to get into the artistic world.

Graduated in visual communication, he grew up in contact with the world of Parisian street art. Despite a strong liking for street art, it is in the illustration that he will find his own way. He likes to portray and dissect the world and what he sees with cynicism and black humour, but taking advantage of his childhood imagination and the pop culture.

His figurative art translates as much on canvas as on paper via digital. His favorite tool? The black ballpoint pen as his humor.


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