Gus Fink

Gus Fink
American, 1979

In 1999 Gus had opened up a cool punk/weirdo shop called "Monsters of Bulging Elbows" with my friend at the time. 


It was the first place Gus ever sold my artwork and where he realized he didn't want to have to be anywhere at a certain time. He quit his little day job as a telemarketer and did the shop full time till it got lame.


In the year 2000 he fully decided to just live full time as an artist. It was those first few years Gus really struggled only bringing in a few hundred dollars a month selling wherever he could. 

Gus worked hard and each year promised himself to do more with his work.


Eventually in 2003 he started to get his comics published , did his first licensing deal with some t-shirts and other small ventures till 2007 when he created toys.  

15 years since he first started selling his artwork he now have collectors World Wide and have created many of my brands into toy lines, apparel, video games and so on.


He is always working on various projects but still enjoy working with other companies where they partner on making something unique that many can enjoy.


Gus Fink has a passion like no other in this business of art and work on his art everyday. 

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